The Frantz family began their wholesale nursery in 1979. Our parents Tim and Mitzi Frantz started with 1.5 acres of land in Hickman, and began growing landscape trees and shrubs.

Thirty years later our farm has grown to over 400 acres, and is operated by the second generation. Our success is made possible by the dedication of our nearly 250 amazing employees, and a culture of delivering excellence in both quality and customer service.

In 2008, we recognized that the housing market could not continue forever. As we looked for ways to diversify our business, we asked ourselves “Why not open an outlet store to serve the local gardeners?” We have never allowed the public access to our fields, as it would not be a good fit for our busy farm. So we developed a five acre piece of land at the corner of Riverview and Hickman Road in Hickman, and built a little store. We take plants daily from our wholesale fields, and have the complete lineup available for the general public to shop. With almost five acres of inventory, we have lots of options for you to look at! Virtually everything we sell is grown on site, offering you the freshest plant material around.

In order to cover all of your planting needs, we offer sod and bulk landscape materials such as compost and bark. We also sell field-grown olives, fruit trees, and so much more. We would love to meet you!

On behalf of the Frantz family,
Michael Frantz & Keith Frantz